Our Programmes


RIS has over 25 years of experience welcoming families of all nationalities and backgrounds. Whether you are looking for a good pre-school, kindergarten, or elementary/ middle school experience, we at RIS welcome you.
We accept learners throughout the year and therefore have no application deadlines. However, it is important for families applying to our school to understand that space may be limited and therefore we strongly recommend getting in touch with the admissions office directly. Admission is open to all learners and our admission team is always there to offer support and inform you about the opportunities at RIS. The registration form with all of the required documents and payments needs to be completed on the day of admission itself. Applications will not be accepted more than 1 year in advance of the expected date of entry.


We understand that curiosity and discovery are the prime motivators behind a toddler’s learning. Our Pre-Primary Program is based on experiential and social learning and helps your child learn in a fun-filled space. At the Nursery level, the curriculum revolves around 5 key facets of development – Being Literate, Being Numerate, Being Expressive, Being Healthy and Being Knowledgeable. Literacy includes learning languages, writing and communication, while numeracy includes math, problem solving skills and cognitive development. The wide array of activities undertaken in this program encourages our learners to express themselves through various media like dance, movement, music and art. At the K-1/ 2 Programme, our curriculum is augmented with additional activities and learning tools with enhanced focus on complex concepts like independent reasoning and problem solving. 


At our lower primary programme we aim to provide an engaging experience within a stimulating environment that taps into the natural curiosity in young inquisitive minds. We understand that children learn best in a ‘hands-on’ environment, where they are actively involved in exploring, experimenting and talking. We emphasise on literacy, Math and ICT among other things, while also exposing them to scientific learning, Environmental issues, Personality grooming and Health education. We understand that different children have different learning styles, and develop at varying rates. Our program design ensures that each child develops concepts, skills, learning strategies and positive attitudes in intellectual, social, physical, and academic areas at their own pace. To complement academic learning at this early stage of development, we also encourage the use of the school playground, sports activities, dance and music and much more.


Curriculum Overview

[Grade 1][Grade 2]


Our upper primary programme is an environment that is conducive to learning and initiative. At this level we provide education that caters to the individual needs of learners, with a mindset that dictates the unique capabilities of each learner. This encourages learners to communicate, question, inquire and allows them to be independent, courageous, creative, responsible and dutiful. Our learners enter an environment that is designed to mold them into strong individuals that aspire to achieve great heights and become positive contributors to the society. The subjects taught are English, Hindi, Marathi, Modern Foreign Language, Math, Thematic, Music, Art, and Sports. Each month, the learners are given chosen topics and areas of discussion such as global peace and unity, tracing humans, change begins with me, to name a few, which they then study and present, hence widening their knowledge base broadening their horizons. In this phase, our goal is to instill leadership qualities within the learners and introduce them to newer wisdom.


Curriculum Overview

[Grade 3][Grade 4]


Our lower secondary programme offers a broad range of educational experiences that encourage personal growth and development of each individual learner. We understand that the developmental needs of every learner are different, and so we tailor our teaching methods to cater to those differences. We respect different learning styles and understand that every child has their own special way to comprehend and grasp new knowledge. At this level we introduce our learners to more challenging concepts in order to sharpen their cognitive abilities. Our teachers offer learners opportunities to develop their own strategies that will help them benefit in the long run, while also inspiring them to discover their own strengths as learners. We aim to guide our learners to think on their own while gently nudging them towards the right path. This enables them to be independent thinkers, with their own thoughts, ideas and beliefs and makes them confident in their knowledge and skills.


Curriculum Overview

[Grade 7]


In our upper secondary programme we offer a well-balanced curriculum that aims to prepare learners for further education in their choice of colleges and universities. We have a rigorous and challenging academic programme with an aim to further polish the knowledge and skills of our learners though continuous practice and dedication. During these formative years, our learners are expected to apply their skills acquired in their earlier academic years. As educators, we understand how important this academic phase is and we diligently support our learners achieve their aspirations. We also understand that this programme is the base for college and university education and so we encourage our learners towards better scholastic performance. We also ask them to continually learn and be a part of co-curricular activities like sports and art, as that is important for all-round development.


The final two grades of the secondary programme are extremely important in the academic journey of a learner. The senior secondary programme acts as a stepping stone for all our learners towards graduation and post-graduation degrees. These grades act as a catapult for our learners into university life and help them gain understanding of skills needed beyond school life. Our goal within out senior secondary programme is to encourage our learners to learn and understand new and complex ideas, thoughts and notions. This will help them in their future degrees as well as personal and professional lives. We encourage our learns to participate in co-curriculars all the way up to the Grade 12, as it is way to gain mental clarity and physical fitness while focusing on academia and preparing for the future.