RIS Edge


At RIS, our curriculum comprises of CBSE, ICSE, and CAIE (IGCSE) boards that guide the teaching and learning methodologies within all our schools. Our curriculum across all boards is crafted to be learner centric in a way that recognises each learner’s potential, and guides them to pursue a path that is right for them. As educators, we provide all our learners with a blank canvas and give them the choice of painting it how they see fit. All our programmes are learner driven, which means that each of our programmes are made flexible enough to accommodate a learner’s skills, virtues and beliefs. If a programme does not meet the requirements of a child, it is then altered to fit the required needs. We have also shaped our curriculum to have a more modern approach, suitable for the dynamic world. Our multi-disciplinary learning approach combines several academic disciplines or professional specialisations in an approach to a topic or problem. We have esteemed guest lecturers of various fields to teach in-depth topics to our learners.

These specialists are revered for being at the top of their fields, and often help our learners understand their professions in absolute detail. This provides clarity and a realistic understanding of different professions the learners might want to pursue. We also provide our learners with a trans-disciplinary approach, which leads to holistic learning, leadership qualities, internship offers and university portfolio building. Counseling sessions with the university placement officer to select a course and university of their choice is provided and the academic calendar consists of various guest lectures, project cycles – a flagship of the RIS education model. Our curriculum also includes the learning of various languages English, Hindi, Spanish, Marathi, French , depending on the board of the chosen school and the grade a learner is in. We believe that fluency in multiple languages prepares a learner for international opportunities and global success.

The RIS curriculum gives its learners the freedom to choose multiple subjects of interest as well as to select subject combinations as per their interest. This enables our learners to gain an understanding in topics they like and want to further seek. We believe education should enhance a learner’s interest and ability and that is what we aim to do at RIS. The STEM module (learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an interdisciplinary or integrated approach) is also an integral part of RIS’ curriculum with an aim to develop a future workforce who will lead in innovation and technology. RIS creates an environment that supports successful infusion of STEM in the curriculum while also challenging the students’ mind to find creative solutions to social and environmental problems.


We at RIS understand the importance of holistic learning and the essence of engaging all aspects of the learner including the mind, body and emotion. With an all-round holistic approach, we aim to inculcate respect for knowledge, community, human connection and the environment. It is important to us that our learners grow up to become well-rounded, respectful individuals who are intelligent, kind and care for their surroundings. We aim to help students grow into the individuals they are and reach their full potential. Apart from academic excellence, we encourage open conversations and help students think for themselves by focusing on aspects such as art and design, personal skills, personality development, sports and effective communication to name a few. We think of art and design through various mediums as integral to learning and understanding the world. It gives us colourful lens to view everything that surrounds us and is a skill that uplifts society. At RIS, we teach our learners to appreciate and enjoy art through various mediums.

At RIS, we believe it is also important to focus on building strong personalities of our learners by giving them the right academic and developmental tools, so as to help them excel in all areas of life. We believe that the core of a strong personality is working towards continuous self-improvement, whether it is inside a classroom or on the playground, and setting goals that push your limits and help you grow. Our teachers focus on each learner, giving them individual attention and helping them develop their own personality through educational and co- curricular activities. We also encourage playing sports as it is important for the physical and mental development of a child, and teaches them lessons in leadership, repetition, patience and team spirit. Our sports rooms are fully equipped with facilities for indoor and outdoor games, encouraging our learners to participate in a sport of their choice.

All our study materials, methods and strategies are designed to equip our young learners with all the necessary skills needed for them to succeed. We also focus on vocational competence, encouraging our learners to be multi-lingual in order to be effective communicators. We also focus on community engagement pedagogies or ‘service learning’ within academic modules. We believe that community is important and always encourage learners to contribute positively towards their community. We continually through words and actions teach our learners the importance of community and its care, with the hope that within aspects of our teaching, our learners grow to be well-rounded, empathetic individuals.

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At RIS, we believe that is extremely important to incorporate digital teaching and learning within our classrooms as the future is being built on the shoulders of technology, and our young learners are the inhabitants of the future. Our approach towards digital technology and education is unique as we are constantly working towards striking a balance between traditional and digital teaching and learning.

Student-led Clubs

At RIS, the student body has created a wide array of student-led clubs and initiatives, ranging from sharing passions to service learning and community involvement. We believe it is important to foster a sense of leadership and involvement within our student body. With a wide range of student-led clubs, events, and social initiatives there is no dearth of occasions for the student to develop their leadership skills.

E-Resource Materials

Our teachers use online resource materials to expand the knowledge base of our young learners as well as to create curiosity within the minds of learners. We mix digital learning with innovative classroom teaching by adopting new and appropriate technology too to facilitate the learning process anywhere and anytime.

Visual Learning

Our schools use visual teaching tools and equipment within classrooms which enable a better learning experience for our learners. The introduction of equipment such as projectors makes learning interesting as new topics and various subjects are taught with the help of images and videos. This not only makes classrooms interactive but also helps learners grasp more.

Integrated Research-Based Projects

RIS has adopted numerous innovative techniques for making the learning process easier and more enjoyable. Our Integrated Projects encourage students to research a given topic and present their knowledge in front of their peers. The students think, pair, share and collaborate on the given theme, hence learning teamwork.

Reading programs through Digital Libraries

At RIS, our schools encourage reading programs through digital libraries to inculcate good reading habits and help reluctant readers. The learners are rewarded to read with positive reinforcement and recognition with titles such as ‘Reader of the month.’ Quality education includes the freedom to explore, question, observe and infer from their surroundings, which is accomplished through this program.

Training for competitive entrance examinations & olympiads

We train our learners for Competitive Exams and Olympiads such as JEE, NEET, NTSE (National Talent Search Examination), ANCQ (Australian National Chemistry Quiz), and university placement examinations such as SATs, credit exams such as Advanced Placements (AP), etc., and help them crack these exams with our trained teachers and professional experts as pillars of support.