Our Pedagogy

At RIS, we advocate a well-rounded and holistic curriculum that encourages our learners to have a multi-faceted learning experience. Our teaching methods aim to enable the all-round development of a child, giving them the tools to become self-reliant individuals with strong personalities, along with academic and emotional intelligence. Our logo reflects our pedagogy, with the armor being an embodiment of our belief in strong values and discipline, the flame personifying creativity and an innovative spirit, and each of the six stars representing the ideologies of our Six Sigma programme. Our vision “Be the Best” is embedded on our logo, signifying its importance within our academic teachings. Our schools include CBSE, ICSE, and CAIE (IGCSE) boards that encourage adaptive and future proof learning. Our curriculum revolves around our ‘SIX SIGMA’ programme that enables our learners in the better understanding and application of concepts, while signifying the importance of innovation, compassion, values, health and community. Our six main ideologies, namely; Academics, Personality development, Values, Sports and Health, Skills and Vocational competencies and Community Care teach our learners self-reliance, discipline, empathy and basic life skills along with academic knowledge. Our curriculum is based on the idea that each learner has the capability to be the best if provided with the correct tools.


Our focus at RIS is to build a strong academic foundation that our learners can benefit from. Our academic curriculum being learner centric gives each child the liberty to learn what they enjoy and choose the subjects that interest them. We offer a variety of subjects, each taught by our highly trained and qualified teachers that impart authentic subject-based knowledge, and train young minds to grasp more through individual attention. The academic education we provide is tech-enabled and reflects upon the changing academic codes globally.

Personality Development

At RIS, we focus on building strong personalities of our learners by giving them the right academic and developmental tools, so as to help them excel in all areas of life. We believe that the core of a strong personality is working towards continuous self-improvement, whether it is inside a classroom or on the playground, and setting goals that push your limits and help you grow. Our teachers focus on each learner, giving them individual attention and helping them develop their own personality through educational and co-curricular activities.


Our values at RIS aim to lead our learners to the right path, so that they know wrong from right at each step of their life. We believe that each learner should be compassionate, empathetic, hardworking, and these are the value systems we aim to establish with our teaching. Our goal is to help our learners focus on the important things in life while building a community that shares that same foundational empathy, hence creating a better tomorrow.

Sports and Health

We at RIS offer a balance between classrooms and playgrounds as we understand that playing sports is important for the physical and mental development of a child, and teaches them lessons in leadership, repetition, patience and team spirit. Our sports rooms are fully equipped with facilities for indoor and outdoor games, encouraging our learners to participate in a sport of their choice. Through Sports we aim to equip our learners a communal spirit, effective communication, teamwork and problem solving skills.

Skills and Vocational Competencies

At RIS, we have designed and implemented this phase in order to measure learning outcomes and provide entrepreneurial experience to our learners. Our study materials, methods and strategies are designed to equip our young learners with all the necessary skills needed for them to succeed. We also focus on vocational competence, encouraging our learners to be multi-lingual.

Community Care

Our community is an extension of ourselves, and so at RIS, community engagement pedagogies or ‘service learning’ are imbibed within academic modules. They combine learning goals and community service in ways that encourage learners to contribute positively towards their community. We continually through words and actions teach our learners the importance of community and its care.