Reading is like spinach for the brain, and just like Popeye, we all want our little ones to be strong to the finish. But who wants to force-feed them boring old books? Inculcating reading habits in a fun and non-serious way is the key to making reading a lifelong habit that they’ll enjoy.

For starters, reading diverse texts will turn your child into a mini-polyglot. They’ll learn new words and grammar, making them sound like a mini-genius. Who wouldn’t want their child to be the one spouting off fancy words at the playground?

Reading also helps children to develop empathy and understanding, making them more compassionate and understanding individuals. This means they’ll be less likely to be introverted to their classmates and more likely to share their snacks.


Inculcating love for reading can also help to develop their imagination and creativity. So, RIS as their academic parent helps them to explore different worlds and characters, sparking their imagination and creativity, and making them more likely to come up with wild and wacky ideas. Who knows, they might even invent the next big thing!

Reading can also help children to succeed in school. Children with strong reading skills tend to do better academically, as they can understand and engage with the material they are learning. Furthermore, reading a diverse range of texts can also help children to develop their critical thinking skills, which is essential for success in school and in life. Who knows, they might even become the next Einstein!

Ms. Husnara Shaikh
Rahul International School

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