Adventures of Educational Learning

The idea of adventure or fun in learning can be difficult to understand for many. This is because we generally have a notion that learning and entertainment are two poles apart. But that is not the truth. They both can overlap with one another and indeed bring out the best outcome in learners.

Not convinced? Well, you need to have a second thought! Do you really think a monotonous way of learning would be productive? Surely, you might not agree. This is because tedious, repetitive learning makes the process dull and inefficient.

Besides that, we are sure you would agree that today’s children are too smart to be confined into the traditional learning methodology. They need to be taught in innovative ways that let them grasp concepts with full understanding. The traditional, mundane teaching approach can make the children’s learning process a bit dull and boring. It indeed makes them unengaged and unmotivated to learn. This is why fun and adventure in learning is necessary to make children curious and keep them coming back to learn.

Educating children through entertaining stuff have become a new concept. The term ‘edutainment’ was coined to express the collaboration between education and entertainment. Today so many schools and educational institutions are incorporating different methods of entertainment into the learning experience to improve the learner’s skills and knowledge.

Such the child-centric methodology also instils the idea of self-development and self-learning in children. Moreover, having fun in learning increases productivity and learners engagement substantially. This is why the edutainment concept has gained immense attention in the domain of education.

The usual book-based process of learning requires lots of focus, hard work and dedication on the part of learners to get the rewards. However, such a learning process tends to be quite tough and unfulfilling for children. In such times, learning with entertainment turns out to be a major solution to keep the learners focused, engaged as well as entertained.

The technology has endowed the education domain with a number of ways to improve the pedagogy, presenting it as a blend of fun and learning. Such fun-filled learning easily captivates children’s attention, making them remain better focused on learning.


Strengthening learners’ cooperation skills
Strengthening learners’ problem-solving skills
Increasing learners’ self-esteem and confidence
Fostering trust between learners
Strengthening learners’ communication skills
Stretching learners’ understanding of their personal limitations.
Informal learning experience
Active engagement.

Adventure filled learning can positively impact the learners’ productivity, effectiveness, and memory retention, while also promoting in them a sense of self-led learning with high levels of motivation. And, this is why schools have created a compelling curriculum, which is coupled with fun and interesting technological tools to transform learning into real fun.

RIS believes in the holistic development of children and focuses on their equal immersion in academic and value-based education. The concept of edutainment based learning has helped pave the way to effectively provide the learners with the super exciting and enriching learning experience, where the concepts are not only delivered in a fun-filled manner but are also designed in a way so that children can remember them for a longer period of time.

Sanjana Mishra

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