Major Transformation in Your Current Life Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic

Letter to my dear learners,

Greet Zindagi with a smile!

You are going through a major transformation in your current life due to the COVID 19 pandemic.  Schools are definitely leaving no stone unturned to provide an adequate learning environment in this unpredictable and unexpected situation that is perhaps challenging for anyone. Learners are also focusing to struggle to be productive or efficient while studying online but we do see them getting distracted very soon. Handling gadgets and technology every day is a hazard and effecting mental well-being. I observe them keeping their cameras off and in a different world in front of the teacher teaching in the virtual class, though I am sure this would not have happened in the real classroom.

How do I help you came to my mind so let’s welcome zindagi as it is and let’s make the most for ourselves? Let us reflect on the things we could not learn, let us finish unattended tasks till date, and let us connect with people we have not met from so many days.

Close your eyes and reflect deep within, feel the gratitude for what you are enjoying, feel the joy of togetherness with your near and dear ones, say your thank you to the people around you who are making things easy for you in spite of the COVID demon outside the door.

Expressions are priceless and peaceful for the mind. Learn to communicate with yourself and others.

Learners should connect and communicate with their teacher, there should be an exchange of non-textual content. Learners have the capacity to achieve the inevitable if they have the dedication and will.

So, they should take studies seriously and think it’s the regular school they are attending. So, make a perfect routine and get up early, have a bath, have breakfast and getting dressed for school, and then sit for your classes to boost your creativity and productivity. Take off your formal wear only after you are done with your classes and sincerely conduct yourself even during the latter part of the day as per the fixed routine. So gear up ourselves and manage self with priority, regularity and time management. Human behaviour is largely a function of learned habits, once, the habit to be regular in work sets in, the outcome will be more positive.

Human connections are essential for mental health and you can try multiple ways to stay in touch virtually, for example, participate in discussions, clubhouse meetings, boards, or hold a video conference with your classmates for a group activity, a study circle, or even just to chill. Keep yourself calm and learn to adopt and adapt to this difficult and exasperating time.

Focus on self-discipline and transformation of a better self.

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