A Teacher’s Life

A teacher is a planner, an information provider, an assessor, a resource developer, a facilitator, course organizer, curriculum evaluator, mentor, tutor, personal adviser & a role model for his students.

A teacher has to perform a very pious duty. They have to lead a very virtuous life. A light mistake on their part may cause a perfect ruin of the students they teach. They are expected to abandon all evils. They are supposed to be embodiments of virtues. A true teacher emits the fragrance of knowledge all around them. They are the source of light and proper guidance.

A teacher not only shares the subject knowledge with his students but also the theoretical knowledge with them so that they can develop their personal character. It is a teacher’s responsibility to instil the spirit of nationalism & patriotism in the minds of the youth of the nation. A teacher teaches his students about the various constitutional duties & rights that they must perform as a part of society.

A teacher shows the right path of truth to his student to lead a noble & virtuous life. Hence becoming a teacher is not as easy as it seems it is.

Hence the importance of teachers can never be ignored. They are working day and night for the growth & development of our nation & its youth. Teachers are making their life hard by getting into this profession & in return expect their students to get quality education & become a better part of society. It really requires a lot of zeal & confidence to become a teacher & educate others.

They want to share their wisdom & utilize their humble capacity. Their only comfort is the children’s. Being with children is such a reward for them. They forget all their pain and exhaustion when they are among children. That’s the power and driving force in this profession.

India has 40% of its youth population that is deprived to get the proper education. Imagine what if these teachers wouldn’t have been there. So please do give them their due respect whenever you come across a teacher.


Mr. Mukesh Sharma

Mr. Mukesh Sharma:  Mr Mukesh Sharma is the Principal of RIS Patankar Park. He has been in the field of education since the past 30 years. He has his expertise set in academics and administration. His working profile has included his service in all curriculums – CBSE and State Board. Winning many accolades, he has received a commendation from the Minister of Education (then Ministry of Human Resource Development), Government of India’s office for the commendable academic performance of students at Board exams. He has also worked in different capacities i.e as an Inspection Committee member for Affiliation unit, Centre Superintendent for conducting JEE Mains and NEET by NTA.

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