The Bionic Educator

Technology nowadays has entered into every walk of life. In this era of technology, the digital revolution has transformed almost everything from our work at our organizations to our daily routines. It is transforming the way children and young people play, access information, communicate with each other, learn, relearn and unlearn. But now this revolution has profoundly entered in the Education sector and has transformed from traditional ways of learning towards innovative ways of learning.

Role of an educator in society building has always been advocated just like any other champions of society and has changed and continues to change from being an instructor to become a constructor, facilitator, coach, and creator of learning environments but it seems to be facing a serious challenge at present with the ever-increasing availability of the internet to learners and changing attitude of learners and parents towards education and its outcomes.

This transformation has developed the skills of an educator to face their new tasks more flexibly and prepared them for their new roles. Techno-savvy facilitators have empowered and enabled themselves as well as their learners for the use of various tools and technology to improve the teaching-learning process. They have sharpened their skills in teaching-learning methods/approaches compatible with digital technology.

In the digital era, the facilitators not only played a key role as a fellow-learner but also as a link to the knowledge community and also enhance their skillsets to global levels to become passionate knowledge –givers who can shape minds and ignite imaginations of future generations.

Sanjana Mishra

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